Sunday, February 17, 2008

Michelle Williams.

Her last interview before her husband's death...
The magazine is called Wonderland (never heard of it..) however after googling it I found the official website and you can actually read the interview at this link


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Anonymous said...

Just thought you should know, Michelle was never married to Heath. They were engaged to be married but broke up a while back. Great post though, thanks :)

Romany said...

I wish they had never broken up - they were such a beautiful couple. I guess we'll never really know what happened to split them up...
Gosh this is a stunning photoshoot. Michelle looks amazing.
Btw, I love, love, love your blog name (which is also your usernames)! Reminds me of that song scarborough fair for some reason - but in a good way, of course. :)

discothequechic said...

Oh, how I love Wonderland magazine, this spread looks gorgeous, from what I have seen.

But yeah, anonymous seems to have corrected you already, they were never married, just engaged! But he was her babydaddy! Ha

Fashion-DescipleXXX said...

she looks so stunning in those pics, she has a very relatedble look in my opnion.

sierra said...

I love Wonderland magazine..

she looks awesome in the photos.

poor heathie/

Molly ;) said...

I saw the magazine in a book store right at the back. It does look like a good magazine, yet i feel so sorry for Michelle it must be so hard losing someone that you were so close to.
I heard she broke up with him because of his drug addiction? Apparently she didnt want their daughter to grow up with an addict, and said they would get back together once he was clean?

Great post though- great pictures.
Keep it up!

Bianca said...

The photos are amazing.

ChiliLady said...

she's so talented and gorgeous.
i feel so sorry for what happend.

btw, your blog is awesomeness, i added it to my favourits!

Meg said...

She has such a gorgeous face and the Wonderland piece showed a slightly moodier side of her I thought. She comes across a lot more different than I would have expected her to, but she has a refreshing maturity which is great.

Ediot said...

i really love these.. they are some beautiful pictures